Legacy of Riggins

General Recap 3

Events of some date I can’t keep track of. Correct, edit, add as you would like.
Sorry for mixed tenses and typos.

Zed and Charla tried to organize a raiding party to go destroy the hive.

Nathan shot someone approaching the Riggins roadblock. He claimed the man looked sick. Everyone was pissed at Nathan for making the decision on his own but also very concerned about plague or war-sickness coming into town.

The mayor and the colonel are keeping themselves nice and drunk.

A stranger named “Al” came into town. He claims to have hiked in from Canada and not known about what had happened. Everyone liked and trusted him right away.

On his way in Al says he buried the man who was killed on the road so no one in town was able to get a look at the body.

Captain Walters claimed that the vehicle Jenkins had stuck him in had stopped “in town” and Jenkins had conversed with a group of men. Charla and Zed had encountered the vehicle as Jenkins was first coming back into town and had followed it directly to the diner.

Captain Walters was released and hasn’t been seen.

The town is attacked in the night by the bugs. There are approximately 30 people dead or unaccounted for.

Zed and Charla gave Al a ride out of town. All three went to look at the depot and then Charla and Zed continued on to the military roadblock.

The military roadblock and patrol jeeps were taken out by something. Everything was reduced to slag but the vegetation was untouched. There were several dead bodies of people who appeared to have been shot.

Further down the road towards the city another roadblock had been set up using burnt-out cars. Even though they didn’t see anyone Charla did catch a flash off a scope. There were human skulls hung in the trees on the side of the road. Charla and Zed decided to turn around.

The walls of the depot were pried open by something but closed/”healed themselves” when Charla threw a rock into the compound.

Chala and Zed encounter something living in/under/as (?) the depot and communicate with it via the security screen. The thing offers to broker a deal for them that will give them access to power(s) that will help them survive the bugs and whatever else is coming. In exchange the thing wants protection while it sleeps and needs a sacrifice from each of them to trade for power.



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