Legacy of Riggins

And they all went marching off

the mundane military mission

Here are the volunteers,

Scott Parker (leader of the pack)
Frank McGee
Allan Davidson
Harry Trihey
Nels Stewart
Red Cleghorn
Buck Boucher
Franklin Schriner
Sweeny Rankin
Shorty Green
Harry E. Watson
Rat Westwick
Ted Lindsay
Turk Broda
Busher Jackson
Doug Geoffrion
Alex Delvecchio
Marcel Pronovost
Leo Mikita
Steve Shutt
Al MacInnis
(Owen and his gear independent of this list)

They will be taking twelve riding horses and nine pack horses and ten pack mules, three particle beam rifles, one particle beam pistol, sixteen high velocity mag-rifles, fifty-two “grenade” pipe bombs, 36 “land mine” pipe bombs, two homemade RPG’s, two massive trauma medkits.



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