Zavier "Zed" Hunter


5’9" – 180lbs. Wiry is probably the best way to describe Zavier. In his mid 20’s, he has long, dark hair, blue eyes and an overall tan from being outside almost constantly. He’d be handsome if it weren’t for that little bit of crazy hiding behind his eyes. His face is a bit weathered, but his eyes are surrounded by crows feet from smiling all the time. He’s almost unhealthily skinny. Callused hands and scarred arms with grease up to the elbows aren’t uncommon, although if he has time to prepare, he cleans up decently.


Zavier’s a bit of an oddity in this small town. His grandfather, Galen, had moved to Riggins after the death of his wife, with their young daughter, Mary, in tow. He set up a local mechanic shop in 1994, employing skills that he had picked up earlier in life. He mostly lived the life of a recluse, setting up a junkyard on property that he got cheap and staying there unless he was making a house call. His daughter grew up in the town, going to school, and in her older years managing the books for her father. In her late twenties, she got involved with a recurring tourist who eventually got her pregnant and then, when informed of this fact, promptly disappeared.

Mary died in childbirth. She went into labor early, and without access to proper medical facilities, she didn’t make it through the process, and passed away from complications. Galen took home his only surviving ken, and proceeded to raise his grandson.

Zavier was raised by his grandfather, a man who cared deeply for him and tried to make the boy self sufficient for his own good. The world was in a tough spot, and you couldn’t count on a friendly hand being there when you needed it. The boy started going with his grandfather on jobs almost from the beginning, and started visiting him in the shop at a young age. By the age of 8, he’d help out after school and learned the trade. At 12, he was able to rebuild an engine with supervision. It wasn’t long before Zavier took over the shop while his grandfather managed the office. After high school, he educated himself on other types of mechanics, but couldn’t bring himself to leave his grandfather to run the shop on his own. 4 years ago, Galen passed away, quietly. Zavier took over from his grandfather, and has been acting as an all purpose mechanic for the town of Riggins.

While he’s willing to take cash from tourists, Zavier has a reputation of preferring trade with his neighbors. He’s even been known to do a job now for a favor later. A bit of a pariah, he doesn’t go to church, and so is known as a bad influence. He keeps rabbits (14), chickens (6) and bees (Not counted), while also having a couple dogs that get free run of the junkyard. They act as a deterrent to wild animals as well as a primitive security system. He also has an apple tree, a pear tree and two varieties of cherries, while on the roof of his shop he has a greenhouse garden. He distills his own whiskey in good sized batches which he’s more than willing to trade or gift to neighbors, a couple different beers and several strains of mead (made with his own honey.)

Zavier is also known for making a variety of art pieces that are sold in town during tourist season, mostly rough cut statues of various wild life, designed for both inside and outside display. He can act as a gunsmith for those that need it during the hunting season, but most of that trade goes through the outfitters. Zavier also gives out extra eggs and meat to the squaters around the town and keeps tabs to make sure they’re in good enough shape to make it through the winter.

Various frankensteinian vehicles dot the landscape of the junkyard, some working and some not. A dual story warehouse/barn houses a complete garage while giving the animals shelter from the weather. A large walkin freezer helps to keep game meat fresh for various uses and lined 50 gallon barrels contain the results of past batches of brewing and distilling. Unknown to the rest of the town, Galen had built a shelter at the back of the property that receded into the hill. A generator is kept in good shape in case it’s needed, and the shelter is well stocked with supplies. Underground tanks were put in to hold diesel and propane….

Zavier "Zed" Hunter

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