Tammy Clark

High School Teacher


Tammy is a middle aged woman, a bit heavy in the hips and with a tendency to wear her hair in a severe bun. She has a smiling but sternly maternal presence, dark hair becoming streaked with gray, and an affinity for long printed skirts.


Tammy is a working mother of four, an avid hunter and a pretty good angler. She demands the respect of the students and is stern but fair. She is well liked by the community and has the seemingly boundless and quiet energy found among women who work all day only to come home to more work. Tammy doesn’t have time to be a busybody, but does have membership to the local gossip circles if only because she has such good access to the parents of the town. Clark teaches language arts and foreign language (just French), and is very proud of her record at turning out successful students, several of her graduates have gone on successfully to the university at Moscow where she likes to think she has garnered a reputation as a real effective teacher.

Tammy Clark

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