Steve Konowalchuk

Police Deputy


Kono is a grinning man of about 35, in decent shape from spending almost all of his free time hiking through the mountains to an array of “secret” fishing holes. Tanned and good natured, he is a handsome man whose laid-back attitude is reflected in his relaxed posture and expressive face.


Konowalchuk came to town about a decade ago, fleeing the memories of an ex-wife from a young marriage. Kono (as he is referred to by everyone except Chief Parker) is an avid fly fisherman who came to the area from Sacramento and is more than happy with his menial role in the department. One of the most well traveled locals, Kono makes treks to larger cities on a regular basis; the town consensus is that he briefly flees his outdoorsman’s paradise for the occasional tryst with the ladies of nearby cities. Most of the locals feel that if Kono had applied for the Chief’s job he would have gotten it, but he is simply too satisfied with his minor responsibilities and position as unofficial spokesman for the department.

Steve Konowalchuk

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