Simon Cauer - K

City Council Member


Simon Cauer is a thin lipped older man with skinny shoulders that accentuate his general pear shape. he is balding and favors dark sunglasses. He normal wears western shirts (loose in the chest but tight around his gut) and dark jeans and has an impatient, self-important mien.


Cauer is a self important asshole, a lover of bluster and anything that can lead to minor pomp and circumstance in his honor. Cauer made some money speculating in real estate and has considered himself a realtor ever since (and constantly glad hands the wealthy looking tourists in the hopes of selling them land for a hunting lodge or vacation cabin). A leering misogynist with a couple of ex wives scattered around the state, Cauer is a tolerated blowhard in Riggins (though his tenure on the city council has made him much harder to tolerate, meeting times have tripled and he will recount the meetings blow-by-blow for weeks afterward).

killed in the big night raid

Simon Cauer - K

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