Sid Jablonski

Owner of the local Best Western franchise


Sid puts the big in big business – he’s an obese man with a gentle manner and childish smile. Sid is of about average height, but weighs close to 450 pounds. he usually is wearing some sort of sport coat and patterned shirt and has an incongruously high pitched voice.


Sid is a nice man, he’s fairly smart (he had to be to keep his hotel afloat when the tourism trade all but dried up); but he is a borderline alcoholic and inclined towards being heavy even before taking up a diet of pre-packaged snacks and fried foods. His hotel is clean, fairly modern, and only fully open during hunting season – when he can charge 5 times the normal rate to tourists who really only want a hot shower. During the off-season Sid keeps only the rooms adjoining the lobby open (6 rooms) and those are generally empty (Clearwater Inn appeals to the backpacker set more). Sid has been in the town for 30 years, he grew up nearby and thought that the now defunct and burned out Motel 8 franchise could use some competition for tourist dollars. Sid’s hotel is smaller and less elegant, but that is what allowed him to weather the storm of the Depression. He is fairly well liked in the community for allowing people to store things in the hotel for free during the downturn, and for keeping at least one housekeeper on staff all year, though there is generally nothing to do – Sid will find a job for anyone during the busy season and pays fairly.

Sid Jablonski

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