Scott Parker

Police Chief of the Township of Riggins


Tall and broad shouldered, a surly looking dark haired man with a weight-lifter’s build and a large goatee. Parker is rarely out around town without his uniform, his imposing size making his sidearm seem like an afterthought.


Parker grew up in Missoula, Montana, and spent several years as a Sheriff’s Deputy there before applying for the Riggins job several years ago. He is a very taciturn man, and a bit of a bully. The local teenagers all rightly fear him, he particularly looks to set kids on the right path through fear and intimidation. Most people regard the Chief coolly, due in no small part to his taciturn presence and tendency for monosyllabic replies to questions. Parker does understand that most of his job is ticketing out of state speeders and has done an admirable job of that, but he does not seem like the type of person that believes in doing favors.

Scott Parker

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