Rick Nash - M

Owner-operator of the Gas Station


Rick is a tall, middle aged man with a spreading bald spot and a badly pockmarked face. He is usually dressed in a denim work shirt and khakis and heavy work boots. A friendly bachelor who walks with a bit of a self-conscious stoop and a quick, shy smile.


Rick inherited the station from his uncle about 5 years ago, which was good news as he had been living on the very edge of bankruptcy in California. Moving to Riggins was a relief in many ways for Nash, who enjoys the small town atmosphere as well as the detail and relative isolation of running his own shop. He is always courteous to everyone in town and is one of the regulars at the Riverside Diner (having confessed once that he couldn’t even boil an egg and the few meals he doesn’t get from the diner are instant meals for the microwave or skillet). Rick is one of the few men in town who doesn’t hunt or shoot at all, and he seems to enjoy quiet lake fishing more than trying to pull in salmon during the run. Considered eccentric for still engaging in his favorite pastime: golf. There are probably hundred of lost golf balls littering the woods around the gas station from his slow day impromptu practices. Usually he goes out to airport and hits balls around out there, though during the off-season he will occasionally use the local shooting range as a driving range.

Missing since the big night raid

Rick Nash - M

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