Richard Schneider

High School Teacher


Schneider is a mild tempered, round man. Fairly short and with a pale complexion with a incongruously small mustache, Schneider carries himself fairly lightly – his girth doesn’t slow him down much, even when stomping in the mountains during hunting season.


Schneider is adept at partitioning himself off, on one hand he is an even tempered and patient instructor, excellent qualities for a tiny school’s math and science teacher. On the other hand, once the kids aren’t around Schneider is celebrated for his bawdy humor and splenetic rants on the usual topics (city-folks, big government, the degrading quality of American character, etc.) Schneider is a shrewdly intelligent man who has made a good living for himself as a teacher, he is also one of the most avid hunters among the locals, augmenting his average marksmanship (for the region) with some of the best technology available, as well as a thorough scouting job of the local hunting areas that the summers off permit him. Schneider was the first of the locals to adopt a mag-rifle for hunting and has steadily upgraded his small arsenal over the years.

Richard Schneider

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