Mitchell Armaugh

Retired Colonel, U.S. Army


“The Colonel” is a florid and plump older man, built like a barrel and favoring a walrus like mustache. Bowlegged and filled with boundless energy, he has an artilleryman’s bellowing voice and a career officer’s contagious optimism and air of authority. He reigns as the local Santa Claus every holiday season and dishes out crushing handshakes with impunity.


The Colonel visited Riggins a few times during his career while inspecting the local depot and loved the isolation. He kept a picture of the area on his desk as a reminder of where he move in retirement. Though an able full bird colonel, he was passed over enough times for General that he knew he would never be promoted, and so as soon as he hit maximum retirement he mustered out and moved to the sportsman’s isolated paradise of the Riggins area, about 19 years ago. He owns a modest estate and is one of the few people in the area to have horses, his daughters rode growing up and he took up the activity as well. now he hopes to have a bevy of grandchildren riding around the hills with him in a few years. The Colonel is one of the most active residents in the area, there are only a few days a year that he doesn’t rise with the sun and head for the hills, rifle, fishing rod, or camera in hand. The Colonel’s Christmas parties are legendary in the town. He is a regular church goer, though there have been more than a few loud snores from his pew over the years.

Mitchell Armaugh

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