Mark Savard - K

Game Warden


Savard is a spare, lean man who seems taller than he really his. A solitary man with a habit of squinting critically while listening to people talk. Gray haired and in his fifties, Savard is a weatherbeaten man never without a wide brimmed hat and a sour-ish mien.


Savard is a naturalist, he enjoys the outdoors and found a job that not only allows him to spend most of his time outside, but also allows him to harass and ticket the jackwagons who are out despoiling his wilderness. Busting poachers and investigating the tourists in the woods seems to be the only thing Savard relishes, but the locals know him as an avid photographic and amateur cartographer. His home is plastered with photo collages of his favorite hidden havens in the local woods, mostly steep ravines and small, vegetation choked waterfalls. Savard has an ex-wife and a couple of kids that live in Spokane, WA, and he occasionally visits them, though they have never been out to see him in Riggins.

killed in the big night raid

Mark Savard - K

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