Mack Wisenhouse - M

KOA manager


A whip thin surly man with a jutting chin and wide set eyes. The dark haired Wisenhouse tends to carry himself as if always pissed off. He favors wearing thick flannel shirts unbuttoned over thin white t-shirts or wifebeaters that tend to advertise his slightly sunken chest.


Mack Wisenhouse is a hard man, quick to anger and as hard as the heel of an old boot. Like his wife, he has grown up in Riggins and stayed close his whole life – the KOA job pays little beyond providing a place to live, but that was more than enough for Mack during the rough times. Now he looks around town and doesn’t like how many newcomers are making good livings in his town. Everyone knows that Mack is trouble, but thus far he hasn’t done anything to get himself in serious trouble. He can usually be found on his front porch sipping cheap whiskey and spitting tobacco.

missing since the big night raid

Mack Wisenhouse - M

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