Lucas Coburn

School Principal


Old Luke is an elderly man, a fixture of the community with a head full of white hair and a bushy gray mustache. Friendly, clear blue eyes peer out from behind bifocals, matched by a amiable (if somewhat weakened) voice. Luke is average in height and has narrow shoulders, usually accentuated by a green knit vest of one shade or another (his deceased wife made him a closet full in the three decades they were married).


Lucas Coburn moved to town with his wife in 2003 to take over as a history and geography teacher for the small school. A friendly, if somewhat soft spoken man from Macon, Georgia, Luke moved out to get a fresh start after his wife (Annette) suffered a miscarriage that they decided should be the last (there were many before). Luke himself doesn’t remember why they settled on Riggins, except that he wanted an opportunity to teach a variety of subjects to a small number of students and didn’t have the resume to teach at a private academy. He still teaches a few classes a year, holding wandering seminars with the older students on ancient history and literature – some of the transplant residents appreciate his mixture of classic Americana and (relative) cosmopolitanism, but most of the locals (especially their kids) think of him as a doddering old bore.

Lucas Coburn

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