Lisa Crowley

Retired doctor


Lisa is a plump, cheerful woman with slender, long fingered hands. She has thick white hair that she likes to wear in a long braid. She has quick, brown eyes that miss little and an easy, confident smile.


Doc Crowley moved to Riggins upon retiring from a regular medical practice in Vermont. She receives a stipend from the government to act as an available first responder for the town, since it lacks a hospital or regular clinic. She is an avid gardener and has taken advantage of the milder weather (compared to her old home in Vermont) to build a series of tiered gardens, interspersing rows of colorful flowers and patches of potentially prize winning vegetables. Fall means canning, and her preserves are cherished and hoarded gifts. She is a calm and pleasant presence in the town, though some of the residents dislike her for refusing to act as the towns general practitioner – she insists that her stipend only obligates her to deal with emergencies, not the regular ailments of the locals (true, but unpopular among those who want a free doctor).

Lisa Crowley

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