Lenore Underwood

Elementary school teacher


The widow Underwood is a tiny old woman that exudes warmth. Bright eyed and with a vital, dark complexion, she is a constantly energetic and positive presence, and a fixture of the town for as long as most people can remember.


Lenore has been teaching in Riggins for over 50 years; a job that she excels at. Though seemingly a flighty and cheerful woman, Underwood has managed the generations of Riggins young with buoyant ease. Her focus has always been on her family and school, so she is not nearly as much of a presence in the town as her personality would easily allow – she is something of a homebody, even more so in the past 8 years since the death of her husband. The only time outside of work she can be counted on to make an appearance is at church.

Lenore Underwood

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