Justine Thompson

Owner-operator, Riverside Diner


Justine is a pleasant looking older woman with thin graying brown hair and slumping shoulders that have seen their fair share of hard work. She is generally dressed in utilitarian clothing as she works almost every day, and her hands are rough and calloused, with arthritic looking knuckles.


Justine inherited the diner/tavern from her aunt and uncle about 11 years ago, and has run it exactly the same way they did. Opening early in the morning to get the locals coffee and eggs, closed during most of the day and then opening again for simple, easy to cook fare and fairly cheap booze. The diner would fold if it weren’t for the business that the hunting and fishing seasons bring, but Justine stays open year round, mostly because she is a hard working woman and doesn’t have anything else to do. Gossip has it that she had a family that died in one of the food riots that took place early in the depression. Justine is not a talkative person, but she’s friendly enough to the locals; there is a level of distrust towards the tourists – though she’ll take their money easily enough.

Justine Thompson

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