Joe Thornton

Outfitter, Fisherman, City Council Member


“Jumbo Joe” stands at about 6’-7" and generally sports a few days worth of beard. A fit and muscular man with a friendly face and soft voice.


Joe is seen as a generally good guy, like his brother he tends to listen and think long before making a response, but Joe is more of a salesman, easier to smile and shake a hand. His customers have rarely been anything less than enthusiastic in their reviews, he seems to know exactly where the best shots will be available and keeps a clean, lively and fun forward camp during hunting season, noted for the comfort of it’s bathroom facilities and sleeping quarters. of all the local outfitters, Joe is able to charge the most.

On city council he is soft spoken and rarely takes exception to a proposal, though he consistently votes to provide incentives to draw more business into town, as well as using city funds to pay for advertisements, hoping to draw more hunters and tourists.

Joe Thornton

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