Jesse Bettman - M



A young red headed man, milk pale and rail thin with a nervous smile and a reedy voice, despite being in his 30s Bettman seems adolescent to most who encounter him.


Pastor Jesse is a good hearted man, but his earnestness for his calling is a bit off putting in a town with only one church – he has the tendency to push his sermons too hard and ask for feedback a bit too often. Jesse is further handicapped by his abstaining from drinking (when offered he will excuse himself as allergic to alcohol, a claim that gets eyes rolling in disgust around town) and hunting, leaving him as a bit of an old maid, looking like a weakteenager and pleading for respect. Plenty of people around town genuinely like the pastor, but there is more than a little pity mixed in as well.

missing since the big night raid

Jesse Bettman - M

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