Jeff Carter - M

Owner-operator, Clearwater Inn


Jeff is a square shouldered, thick chested short man with a booming voice and a seemingly perpetual tan. Favors flannel shirts and well worn cowboy boots and uses teeth bleaching kits on a regular basis.


Jeff Carter is a bluffer and a braggart and is alternately liked and disliked by most citizens of Riggins. A man of fairly average intelligence, he like to think of himself as witty, which results in his generally banal interjections being blared over the conversations of those around him. Jeff considers himself a regular lady-killer in the mold of Kono, but the reality is that he can only manage the occasional infidelity with some of his guests, rumors of which abound in town thanks to his big mouth and the generally gossip-riddled nature of such a small community. Jeff is known to be fairly even keeled, but when his temper flares he has a real mean streak and on a few rare occasions has really flown off the handle, much to the discomfort of those around him.

Missing since the first night

Jeff Carter - M

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