James "Jimmy" Marlsen

Mayor of Riggins


Jimmy is an older gentleman now, and has served as the Mayor of Riggins for almost 30 years. Jimmy has a full head of graying hair and is a shorter guy (5’-6"), and despite a limp that requires him to walk with a cane in damp weather he remains active, fishing and hunting and mixing with locals and tourists alike.


Jimmy came to Riggins as a young man in love with the isolation and character of the West, and lived for most of his young adulthood as a contractor and seasonal fishing guide. Jimmy is gregarious fellow who holds court daily over a cup of decaf a The Riverside Diner. He is also the only staff member of the Riggins Weekly Journal, a two page weekly paper of human interest stories and fishing reports, a job that keeps him actively interviewing locals and tourists alike (the Journal frequently skips weeks due to lack of material or other pressing matters… like hunting season).

Jimmy lives a the corner of Main and 2nd street and owns an old CJ-5 that he uses solely to get to hunting camps or to give the occasional visitor a tour; the rest of the time he simple walks around.

James "Jimmy" Marlsen

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