Ian Peppers - M

Game Warden


A smug-faced and large man, Peppers stands at about 6’-3" and is wide shouldered and barrel-chested, looking like a lumberjack turned cop in his game warden uniform. Light brown hair that tends to grow pretty long during the hunting and fishing seasons that keep him busy. Peppers tends to lean into people and use his height to loom over smaller people, his booming voice also tends to intimidate and compel compliance.


Peppers is a bit of a bully but like Savard his main animosity is reserved for the poachers and litterbug tourists the forests nearby tend to attract. he tends to be fairly popular with the locals (except those he has caught poaching) and is pretty gregarious. Peppers is found of a drink of twelve, if for no other reason than to show off his prodigious tolerance for booze. On his days off he can be found on the deck of his house overlooking the river, reading a paperback and working his way through a cooler of tallboys.

Missing since the third night

Ian Peppers - M

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