Elanore Halfacre



Elanor Halfacre is the type of woman that everyone calls “ma’am.” She is a formidable, anachronistic looking woman with severe features and black hair that is carefully pulled back into a bun. Rail thin and tall enough to shelve books on the top shelf, Halfacre is the always the woman the local children think is a witch.


Halfacre comes from one of the oldest families in the area, she still has a few siblings in Grangeville that she sees very infrequently. She is a bitter spinster who runs the library with strict discipline (she has been known to reprimand children for dog-earing pages of the books, and has pulled a few people’s library cards for writing in margins). Halfacre is one of the most devout churchgoers in the area, though she dislikes the local church (too easy going on the sinners of the community) and unless prevented by the weather she will go to Grangeville for her communion.

Elanore Halfacre

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