Clint Hauser

Co-owner, Outfitter's General Store


Clint is a small, friendly balding man in is late fifties. Well-tanned from a lifetime spent outside and with steady eyes and a firm handshake – radiates trustworthiness.


Hauser started the General Store about 20 years ago to cater to the tourists that came through the area. Like the Riverside Diner, the General Store really only makes enough money during the hunting and fishing seasons, but stays open year round. Hauser has hunted and fished in the hills for most of his life and is generally happy to point polite tourists in the right direction. He is also the local Boy Scout Master, and is generally regarded as one of the best members of the community – generous with time and money, fair and a good listener, an excellent hunter and with a well behaved, modest family.

Clint Hauser

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