Carl Jenkins



Jenkins is a older man, lean and mean looking, a perpetually sour and suspicious expression on his face. Long faced with a sunken face and wide gray eyes under thinning blonde hair that is growing an already prodigious forehead. Jenkins is a chain smoker, with deep nicotine stains on his fingertips and teeth (when they are seen).


Jenkins is the local crackpot, a sneering and suspicious man who bitterly complains about every perceived slight he has been afflicted with. Jenkins spent 35 years as a police officer in St. Louis, and as soon as he hit full pension he cashed out and moved to Coeur d’Alene, only to find the “lakefront cottage” he had bought sight unseen was a miserable money pit scam. Further embittered he invested what remained of his ready liquidity into a hunting cabin on the outskirts of Riggins and has been a pain in the ass there ever since. He is a cheapskate, a bad tipper, a poacher, and sneers in the face of any idea he didn’t espouse first (and a few he did). A profane and ugly spirited man, he is loathed by most of the residents of the town.

Carl Jenkins

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