Anna Carter - M

High School Teacher


Anna Carter is in her mid-thirties and is a thin, somewhat anemic blonde. She seems perpetually cold and usually is wearing some sort of sweater.


Anna came to town after marrying Jeff Carter and got a job as a teacher the following year. She is a mild and quiet women, mousy and timid, often acquiescing to any challenge from her students. She teaches basic math, history, geography, and also serves as the girls physical education teacher – though this limits the sports to very uncompetitive basketball and volleyball. Despite being a push over, Anna is fairly well respected by the community at large; she doesn’t upset anyone and can always be counted on to finish any tasks she’s assigned without complaint. She also hosts the Lady’s Book Club, a monthly affair that involves a substantial amount of wine and gossip (though Anna generally busies herself with hostessing)

Missing since the cataclysm began

Anna Carter - M

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