Legacy of Riggins

General Recap 1

The power in town went out (which no one recalls happening before)

The fire department went out on a call, moving quickly, and has yet to return.

Officer Marleau was missing

Charla broke into the Fire Department (still powered up) and found a room with military grade hardware hookups.

Old Man Jenkins took off with the Fire Chief’s truck

Police Chief Parker went missing

Zed Hunter went a few miles North to get a better look at the blue light in the sky

Charla tried to head to Grangeville, only to get turned away by an automated roadblock, when trying to circumvent the roadblock she was riot-tagged

The Carters were revealed to be missing

Mrs Hauser was plucked off the porch of the Riverside Diner during the evening gathering, Hoxie and Hunter went off to investigate.



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